The seeds of fiscal facilities were sown long ago in the year 1995, as established as Shalmala Finance Limited.

In August 2018, Shalmala Finance Limited was taken over Kadamba Group, and renamed as Kadamba My Money Limited. Subsequently after merging with the Kadamba, we intend to upsurge our reach, to inflate our network and to aid more deprived people.

Kadamba My Money is aiming towards delivering innovative and competitive financial services to the needy with high notch of operational efficiency and integrity. Offering cost effective products and services with causal goal is the fiscal inclusion of the common man.

The “people first” approach being the guiding philosophy, Kadamba My Money is engaged in funding the self-employed individuals, micro financing the self-help groups and assisting students by providing “Skill Advance” with 100% placement guarantee.

In a way Kadamba My Money will try to empower the common man, making him financially inclusive.


Our company values


Delivering services with multi-dimensional options which can fit to our clientele’s specific requirements

Hoslistic Financing

To enable inclusive socioeconomic development.


We strive to deliver the competitive interest rates in the market by passing on the benefits of efficiency to the customer.

Technological Advancement

Our approach blends data-driven, technology-enabled operational efficiency with on the ground programs to enhance skills and productivity in the communities we serve.